Altruism is by everyone, for everyone


Aman Mehndiratta had decided to be an altruist or philanthropist at a very young age when he didn’t have many resources to spend on others. He chose to be like this because he is extremely passionate about helping others and giving them what they cannot afford. The reason behind the same is, he wants the nation to grow better than yesterday. Aman has a deep concern about the society so that he is up to give back society whatever he has taken from it.

Before we start to sculpt the whole scenario here, let’s just explore the world of altruism first. So, in simple words, we can explain the altruism as an unselfish concern for other people.  Doing things simply out of a desire to help, not because you feel obligated to out of duty, loyalty, or religious reasons these all things come under the acts of altruism.

Our everyday altruism

This fact may be unknown to everyone of us but it’s true that our everyday life is filled with small acts of altruism. YES! It’s true.

From the guy at the grocery store who kindly holds the door open when you rush in there from the parking lot to the woman who gives twenty rupees to a homeless man begging sat streets, each and every one is having a part of an altruist within them.

This is what Aman Mehndiratta says about altruism. It is an emotion. It should be felt from inside out. Everyone must have an altruist spirit; only then our nation will become strong, in every manner.  Being like this doesn’t require your bank balance or your financial status to be very high. This is all about being nice and helpful according to your capabilities to anyone who is in need.

Well almost in all news stories often the focus is driven on grander cases of altruism, such as a man who dives into an icy river to rescue a drowning man or a generous donor who give a huge amount of money to a local charity. While some of us are may be familiar with altruism, but some of us maybe not. Our much-known altruist Aman Mehndiratta took interest in understanding that why it occurs? What is behind that inspires these acts of kindness? What motivates people to risk their own lives to save others?

The result came was really a satisfying stuff for this knowledge appetite.

Empathy -Researchers suggest that people are more likely to engage in an altruistic behavior when they feel empathy for the person who is in desperate need or distress. Researchers have found that children can become more altruistic or develop their altruistic thought process if their sense of empathy has been worked on and developed

Helping relieves negative feelings – Researchers have also proposed that altruistic acts help relieve the negative feelings created by observing someone else in distress. Well, this is very obvious that on seeing another person in trouble or in problem causes us to feel upset, distressed, or uncomfortable, so helping the person in trouble helps reduce these negative feelings simultaneously gives us an inner peace and happiness of satisfaction.

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