Philanthropy Builds Brands. Have You Ever Wondered How?

Philanthropy Builds Brands

Philanthropy is enthralling. It is way much more than what we think traditionally or in common. The point is that practicing philanthropy doesn’t only mean writing cheques or doing charity which gives only temporary relief. People often confuse philanthropy or altruism with charity.

As all levels of charitable involvement are beneficial, you see, the more complex the role is, the better the payoff is made. Here, all companies claim to be market-driven. They are carried out by the forces of the marketplace and somewhere what customers say. Well, the customers have spoken and have said that they care whether a company has a trustworthy goodwill or not. So companies have to think seriously about how to use their marketing rupees to do things out in the world that make a difference to the people who are part of their brands.

“Corporate Giving Boosts Brand Recognition.” – Aman Mehndiratta

Aman Mehndiratta, who is noted as one of the best philanthropist entrepreneurs, states that philanthropy and business are not two different things, they share a great bond. He believes that it is the duty of the corporate sector to be a part in the process of socio-economic development of the country. In return, the charitable giving leverages in building the brand of correspondent business. To sum it up, we can say that, these two make a loop where one supports another in a solemn way.

Aman Mehndiratta wisely understands that brands can be built on anything and everything. You never know what thing at what time can trigger the target people, for whom the brand has been established. Once the brand maker decides what it stands for, he has to figure out whether he is communicating the brand at every place it comes into contact with its public, especially down to philanthropy, down to charity and to what one supports in the community. Even Aman dedicates his success in business to philanthropy and charitable giving.

There are several charitable programs in many companies where they match the charitable giving of their employees as well as the others. There is also a notion about the companies that they do philanthropic activities for tax. While many of the business owners do believe that the charitable giving of their company is good for their business. Let’s find out how.

Effects of corporate philanthropy on brand making

corporate philanthropy

• Political contributions

Corporate giving is beneficial for one’s company or business in a way that it can bring political contributions too. Basically, corporate attempts to shape the government policy in the ways that are favorable to the company. It helps in brand identification among the target public. It has the potential to generate positive outcomes for the firm.

• Marketing tool

Corporate altruism also functions as a kind of marketing tool. Community-oriented investment or mechanisms to bond employees to the company, indirect cost saving mechanism, and as such improve corporate financial performance.

• Maintains goodwill of the company

Building a brand is not a one day work. It takes time and initially, gives a slow response because the company has to please the audience about what good and effective they have other than competitive companies.

While Some investors and shareholders take it as an advantage, but some do question about giving away the hard earned money in charitable giving. The fact is that the company’s philanthropy serves the purpose of passing through individuals’ donation and it has a bigger impact on society. Clearly, this means, investors should see the corporate giving as a favorite.

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