Philanthropy gives happiness in an unconditional way

philanthropy happiness

Aman Mehndiratta is a renowned philanthropist who never fails to inspire others to do the same. He is self-motivated to do social work and help people in a very decent manner so that society can get betterment. He always tries to make people happy and put a smile even on their faces that are not able to smile due to their adverse circumstances. He is the one who always looks forward to helping. Aman is always happy from within; he tells the reason behind this is, ‘philanthropy’.

Aman admits that philanthropy is the way which can make you happy from inside out in the true sense. You don’t believe us right?

Did you even know that when we make a donation to charity, our brain acts in a similar way to when we are eating chocolate or quenching our cravings? Well, yes! It’s true.

The science behind the happiness which comes from giving

To explain this fact more, a research war planned. In the same research, researchers were able to see brain activities when certain acts were taking place within it. The study reveals that there is a specific area of the brain that handles our cravings and pleasure reward. It shows the link between charitable giving and pleasure because the same activity happens inside when we are up to do some philanthropy or charitable giving.

This pleasure response or happiness to charitable giving or philanthropy is the physiological reason behind the good feeling we get when we are giving.

The question ‘why you should choose to spend money on others or charity compared to yourself?’ makes a complete sense. But does charitable giving actually make you happier from within? Let’s explore this notion with some facts along with the results of the researches and studies in same references.

After finding the two kinds of people, this survey was started. First are those, people who spent a higher proportion of their income in gifts for others and donations to charity. Second were those who had personal spending like bills or expenses and gifts on themselves as well. We found that the people in first category were ‘truly happier’ in a survey. So, now you can believe that giving gives you pleasure and can make you happier.

Giving with no strings attached is more effective.

Making a donation to get something in return can limit the altruistic values you get at the time of giving. To an extent, we can say that it is as same as with purchasing decisions where a part of proceeds goes to charity and other part goes for self. These things can surely take out your decision making from a social market mentality that is giving for the philanthropic purpose to an economic market mentality that is purely for self-benefits. Infusing our social decisions with some economic good can decrease your happiness for sure. As well as the vice versa will be beneficial for our inner happiness.

According to Aman Mehndiratta who is providing philanthropic services for years, giving to others gives us immense pleasure and a feeling of fulfillment. It makes us happier people than before which in turn again lead us to give more and the process carries on in a loop giving followed by happiness. So, According to Aman Mehndiratta, as we enter the giving or philanthropic season, we must think about how we can give more in better ways to cut other one’s problems and maximize our happiness.

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