To Serve Society

to save Humanity

Who Is Aman Mehndiratta

Striving for the Entire Human Race, To Make the World a Better Place. 

Aman Mehndiratta is a veracious humanitarian. He is a splendid entrepreneur, financier, investor, and a great leader too. His trailblazer thoughts allow him to reform the primitive business processes and beliefs. He believes in procuring advanced concepts of business in order to leverage the societal development.

Being a humanitarian, he follows philanthropy and its doings. A number of philanthropic services have been provided to the needy people by him. Helping the poor, supporting the young talents and investing in the deserving but resourceless startup is the matter of utmost felicity for him.


We acquire Effective Philanthropy

Today, everyone is talking about philanthropy and its implementation but how many of us consider ‘The Effective Philanthropy’?? Effective philanthropy is impactful. The effects of this kind of philanthropy can be seen in society in an immediate manner.

This philanthropy succeeds in managing and allocating resources. It ensures to have the greatest positive impacts on the sectors that the organization has chosen to fund. Philanthropists show up when real talents or idea fail to come up, due to lack of resources. The foundation procures a clear vision and strategies for its grant making to divide resources effectively. This allows us to analyze issues. This helps us to identify both challenges and potential resources.

By adopting effective philanthropy, we are able to structure our grants in ways that will be most useful to our grantees. And also we check all our activities to ensure the intended impacts.

— Mission

Our mission is to bring socio-economic empowerment in the place we are living. We aim betterment, in every sector, be it social, economic and cultural. So that nation could thrive in an utmost manner.

— Vision

We have a vision of a better world, a better tomorrow. The vision is merely a vision until core hard work has been given as an input to it. We are working on making this vision a reality.

— Services

We are here to serve the needy people. Providing free food and education the unprivileged resides on the top of the list of philanthropic services. Other services include direct gifts, impact investments, and charitable trust.

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