Our First Duty Is to Secure

The Social Welfare of the People


— Find & Fund

There exist numerous deserving talents but due to lack of proper resources, their ideas remain concealed. Aman considered this reality and strived to make a difference. 

— Educate

‘Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world’. Aman utterly believes this quote by Nelson Mandela. He provides free education to unprivileged.

— Provide Care

Showing care for other humans is the foremost duty of the human race. He empathizes and cares for everyone dealing with disguise rather than showing sympathy only. 

— Support

Aman believes that, if one wants to rise, then he must uplift others. He provides possible support to the individuals as well as organizations to make them flourish. 

— Give

Philanthropy is the new tool of giving and Aman Mehndiratta is noted as a great philanthropist. He is working hard to give society whatever he has taken from it.

— Aim Betterment

Aman has a vision of a better tomorrow. He aims for the society to flourish and raise its standards of living. He is working efficiently to make this vision a reality.


Bringing Dreams Within Reach for Unprivileged

Aman Mehndiratta, often known as ‘a man with the golden heart’, has an utmost care for humanity. He feels privileged to help unprivileged and tries to make them dare to dream big.

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The Key to a New Future for Society

He cares for the betterment of society. He sees an enhanced future for the society and according to him, the key to achieving this motto is Philanthropy.

Do Good and Good Will Come to You

This is what he believes from the core of his heart. Do good and have patience, let the Karma do its work. Good deeds bring a positive result, sooner or later, but they do come.

Let the Love for Humanity Prevail

We the humans were meant to indulge the love for our race, but it doesn’t seem the same. Aman has an immense love for humanity and persuades others to develop it. 

Making the World a Better Place

The world we are living in is full of uncertainties, inequality, and disguises. Aman does care about it, so he procured the idea of philanthropy, to make this place a better one.

Making the Vision a Reality

He has a vision, a vision for a better world, a better tomorrow. Striving towards making this vision a reality, Aman is putting every possible effort to do so.

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