3 ways in which Philanthropy can be improved


Aman Mehndiratta is a philanthropist in a true manner. He knows every face and phase of this thing. He has a very deep concern about the society and the only way he saw to help it out in a decent way was- Philanthropy. Aman knows that today, everything has been taken on the verge of money but philanthropy does not depend completely upon monetary help, but its more about emotional help, empathy and time were given to those who need some to listen to them.  He always tries to maintain the equilibrium between the monetary help and the emotional at the most possible level he can do.

Philanthropy is known as the relief giver from problems on a permanent basis. People often confuse it with charity and try to balance it with money.

Money is not everything

One of the most bogus thought about of philanthropy is that the expectation that money will solve every problem in just fractions of time. Also, there is a preconception that more money equals greater results. Billions and millions of rupees are spent globally on social, environmental and other issues but very few problems are solved.

Have you ever thought of it? Why is this so?

Aman Mehndiratta is the one who understood this and made his strategies and plans accordingly. He realized that if one wants to truly change the world, then he/she needs to make significant adjustments on the mental and psychological levels like — the mindsets, motivations, attitudes, ways of thinking, and most of all, the business models.

There are several ways in which the quality of philanthropy can be improved which can benefit in better ways-

Philanthropy comes from within, not in legacy-

The motivation comes by the needs of human, by containing the emotion and love for humankind. It is neither about compassion nor just a showoff. It is not like, ‘Oh! Suddenly I got rich, what I do with this huge amount, okay let’s make some good deed, let’s do philanthropy. NO! This kind of action is not a part of philanthropy but charity.

Making philanthropy more about serving

If philanthropy is taken as service to humanity, then this would do more good. The givers must serve seekers and address their needs. See, helping is giving what we want to give and serving is giving based on what they want to receive. Philanthropy needs a shift in attitude. Philanthropists like Aman Mehndiratta has understood this and like to spend more time with the needy ones to understand them more to serve.

Don’t funnel the money into a solution before understanding the problem

No doubt, money is the fuel that drives philanthropy. But if that money isn’t being used in a way it should be, then it cannot meet the needs of the people one is serving, and resources are going in vain. Know before you do. If we rush in and haven’t thought enough, then we will do something wrong for sure.

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