The Changing Scenario of Philanthropy


Aman Mehndiratta is a splendid philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is also a big name in the world of the corporation. He always wants to do better and better in the field of philanthropy to help out the needy ones. Making milestones in everything he does is his passion. He knows all the pros and cons of performing philanthropy and also he is very familiar to the changing scenario of philanthropy.

Philanthropy is not about any new procedure or millennial thing. It came in existence with the humankind itself. So we can say that philanthropy is as old as the human race is.

Evolution is very obvious in this too. If any process or system is ongoing or continues for a really long period of time, then surely it will show changes with respect to the current time. Same goes with the philanthropy. Even it has changed over time.

The last few years, it has seen innovation. There have been introduced new tools and more resources than ever devoted to making a difference in our societies and beyond. There are many important trends that show innovation in the process. Here, we are going to elaborate some of such important and exciting trends which show the changed scenario of philanthropy.

Bright future of impact investment

Aman Mehndiratta is a known investor. He is mainly in impact investment because he knows this is the new trend of philanthropy which can benefit everyone in every aspect. He knows that the bulk of philanthropically committed capital is forcefully invested in publicly traded securities or private markets for maximum returns, which can make differences in a realistic manner.

However, those investments like grants may affect a variety of social issues, which are often taken in concern. These issues are such as environment, food, education, resource consumption, gender pay discrimination, health care or human rights.

Presently, philanthropic and investment leaders like Aman Mehndiratta have come to recognize that grants and investments can have both financial returns and as well as social impact—and that strategic alignment and integration with a mission is important to maximize the change in order to bring the betterment.

Women on top

Women have totally changed the face of philanthropy. With more money, increased control and influence over it. Now more women are making philanthropic investments to help, address and solve the problems of others.

Women are leading philanthropy on two fronts:

  • By developing programs to help them become better, more strategic philanthropists.
  • By joining charitable businesses dedicated to addressing issues that face women and girls.

Even it’s a famous saying that, women are more comfortable working in a community or society, making decisions together, pooling resources and supporting their collective impact.

These were some of the new trends explained by Aman Mehndiratta that have been introduced in philanthropy which has enough potential to make difference in the society.

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