Importance of education for the development

Importance of education for the development

Aman Mehndiratta is working as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor. His name is known for being a great humanitarian and serving the society for betterment. Working efficiently in a continuous manner, Aman is heading towards the enhancement of society by supporting various processes. These processes, basic education, food, employment come in his priority list. Most of all, education is at the top of the list. Here we will discuss why education is important for the development and what Aman Mehndiratta’s take on the same is.

Education helps society become better

Nothing is to deny in saying that education plays a major role in the growth and progress of a society. It is one of the key components that can make society’s advancement. If citizens of a society are educated enough, then they can provide significant and important contributions in the fields of every aspect say arts, literature, science, technology, and others. This is to help establish a well-rounded and stimulating community that can benefit more than that before.

Aman Mehndiratta says that educated people are aware of the socio-economic scenario of the country. Educated people surely can help in the progress of the country and help it grow.



Using water sparingly or taking a bus to work or pool the car instead of using the bike or separate car in order to save fuel and water, maybe these are simple things but can affect the country if done by everyone.  This can be done when people are educated so that is able to know the worth of these things. The educated mass knows how to contribute to the country’s well-being and can look after it. One of the reasons for this awareness is because they have been decently taught these values in school, colleges, and workplaces and they know how to cash it in places.

People who are not enough educated or do not have clues about these facts, the importance of these things and so on as they have not been in a learning environment, they cannot contribute in the development of the nation and society, even if they want it to grow. So, education is the most important and initial step in the path of the overall development.

Education helps in getting a job and increasing employment

No one can deny the fact that unless a person is educated, he or she cannot get a worthwhile job, it is next to impossible we all know that right?

The employed public always acts like a perk in society’s development as a high employment rate is directly proportional to the high development. Aman Mehndiratta is working as an entrepreneur to give this rate a nice hike. He is supporting startups so that more and more people can get employed. This can become possible only when they are educated and trained.

For making this possible Aman decided to provide free education and training to the unprivileged ones so that he can make a contribution as a philanthropist to give back what he has taken from it.

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