How to Serve the Community as a Social Worker

For over millions of years, social work and philanthropy have been practiced on a large scale. If we talk about India, then in this developing country this number is on a terrific hike. Social workers and philanthropists like Aman Mehndiratta are leaving their footprints on this path which is surely inspiring for all of us in every manner.

See, the thing is that there are many unprivileged and needy people who are craving for a little help from those who can. It’s just we have to realize the worth of our help for them and start giving that much, which is neither less for them nor more to give for us.

Aman Mehndiratta is fond of doing social works and different philanthropic services, he can be said a true social worker in all manners. Making his contributions and helping the community to grow gives him an eternal felicity and satisfaction. According to Aman, no one is less or small to do social work. It’s just the passion to help and you too can get that felicity by your own.

Here, we will discuss some services by which one can serve the community and make their inner social worker come in front.

Let the Cleanliness Rule

We the humans are called social animals, it is obvious that we are bound to be clean, live clean. But the biggest irony is, the more we need to live in a clean environment, the more we contaminate it. So, if you are concerned about the environment, you can coordinate several types of environment-friendly community services. You can organize a beach or park cleanup day, recycling drives or a river cleanup. Choose everything like location, day and type as per your convenience and start the cleanup day.

Give Possible Help to Homeless

Giving does not go waste ever. Whatever you give you the needy ones, it always comes back to you in unexpected ways and there are several ways you can help unemployed, struggling financially or homeless people who are in need. To begin with, you can volunteer to feed the homeless at your local food pantry, food bank or something. You can also make rescue kits from travel-sized items or food items to donate to homeless shelters. When winter approaches, you can give blanket or coat drives and even your old winter clothes to the slum area people or to the homeless in your community.

Hunger- No Longer

Food is the most important among everything necessary to be alive. Not everyone I as fortunate as us to have two-time meals. Though we cannot provide them with fortune but at least providing them with food is in our hands. It does not like you have to give your share to anyone, but it’s like not wasting food in the garbage and giving it to someone who is starving. Try doing it and believe me, that little smile on their face will make your day. Also, motivate others and make a chain so that anyone in your community sleeps with an empty stomach ever. And you know what! Good deeds are meant to be done right now.

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