Some Common Ways to Become a Good Philanthropist


Being a great philanthropist, Aman Mehndiratta has inspired many of us. His passion and love for serving the human race are inevitable by common public. Aman Mehndiratta is a true inspiration for all of us. Every work he has done taking philanthropy in concern can be a milestone for others who are in the same profession or who want to be the one.

Here we are going to elaborate some of the ways According to Aman Mehndiratta which can help anyone to become a good philanthropist.

Begin with Your Values and Passions

Do you think taking the responsibilities to support the society by your own is an easy and fancy job?

Well! If you really think so, then please stop it, right here.

Being a philanthropist is full time, tiring and sometimes unpaid job which requires a lot of effort and passion.

See, this society is in a desperate need of as many as philanthropist like Aman Mehndiratta, It is not merely a notion but a fact and let us tell you why this is so.

Because he is the one who became a true philanthropist because he wanted to. He has that love and affection for the human race which is mandatory to be a part of this community. It is not like any other job like the one you kept doing without any interest just because you were getting a great salary. But it is more like the work of a mother in a house. She loves and cares, she helps and supports, and she gives more than she can but never expects or never wills to get it back. That’s what a philanthropist does for the society.

Think as per your passion. You can get it a bit simple sailing by choosing two to five issues, populations, or approaches to work on. Weigh these against what the community or society needs and your ideas of how change happens and what changes are needed the most.

Be Clear about What You Want to Accomplish with Your Giving

Philanthropy is said to be an art of giving, but it is not less complex than, mathematics and science in terms of logic and planning. First of all, planning is the first and must thing for every stream you choose to be in.

To become a good philanthropist, one should clarify the desired accomplishment with their giving. Going in detail, just figure out first that what do you want from your giving, what are the outcomes you desire for? After being clear about what do you want, achieving that ‘want thing’ becomes easy.

Join with Others to Consider the Big Issues

We have seldom heard the famous proverb ‘The lone gram cannot burst the oven’; here this is related to the social work impact on society by a single person and that by a number of persons which shows a great difference.

There are many big issues for the philanthropists which can be given a sober solution when they join together like a team, these issues are big such as global warming, economic development, education, electoral reform, health care, sanitation etc.

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