A Philanthropist Should Think Before Making a Donation


It’s not wrong to believe that successful businesses do have a duty to give something back to society. The corporate world has an interdependent relationship with the human world.  More importantly, it has been found that the charitable acts of kindness are contagious. Moreover, a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple effect. Aman Mehndiratta is such an inspiring philanthropist. He uses his intellect in making donations because he knows the worth of money and resources. Aman is one of those philanthropists who think twice before funneling their money into charity programs just to make it confirm whether their money is going on the right direction or not.

Think before you donate

There cannot be any denial that money is the fuel that drives philanthropy forward. But if that money is not being used in the right direction then it’s not worth it. It should be used in a more practical way to actually meet the needs of people who are genuinely in need, then the resources are been wasted.

According to Aman Mehndiratta, many philanthropists today are not thinking through what people actually need. He says that people make assumptions on the basis of what philanthropists believe to be true. They make a number of promises to the people in need. Even they give away an immense amount of money and resources with the best of intentions. But intentions don’t always win the game.

This is the truth that no amount of money is going to make any difference in the development of society and living standard if it’s not spent in the correct ways that can directly meet the needs of the people who are been served.

Aman Mehndiratta says that before giving anything, givers need to understand the whole thing about what they are going to give, to whom and for what purpose. Rushing towards anything without knowing it from the ground level has always been adverse for all.  If the giver rushes in without thinking through the roots of the problems he wants to solve then definitely things will fall apart prohibiting him from achieving the goal he has set, in essence of, this will do the wrong things.

Research and planning is important

Aman has this quality which makes him different from other businessmen as well as philanthropists; he never puts his resources in anything without a proper research and planning.

Well, giving only money is not what altruism demands; it is more about providing the knowledge to solve their own problem on their own. Giving them time, listening to their problems, showing empathy also comes under altruism or philanthropy.

There is a number a problem or crisis which is to be solved by the means of philanthropy but just funneling money without being aware of the actual cause is a waste of resources as well as energy and time.

When it comes to poverty, the solution is not to give more money to the poor but to teach them to earn and make living on their own. See, the lack of money is merely a symptom of poverty, not the cause of poverty. The fact that should be taken in concern is that poor people are poor because they lack the ability to make a living.

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