Contributions of entrepreneurs in the betterment of society

The Changing scenario of philanthropy

Entrepreneurship is not less than a boon for society, in case we are talking about development or betterment of society. There are many entrepreneurs who are philanthropists too and working for profit as well as non-profit programs simultaneously. Aman Mehndiratta is one of these kinds of entrepreneurs. He is known for the outstanding philanthropic services he has been providing for the ones who are in desperate need for the help.

The Interdependent relationship

The relationship between an entrepreneur and the society can be said as an interdependent relationship. It is just like a give and takes process. Entrepreneurs have much to give to society in many aspects. They help society in economic aspects, in raising the living standard, creating employment opportunities and more. In return, society provides them with human resources, goodwill creation, name-fame, recognition, and creating wealth with their entrepreneur ventures.

Their contribution to the welfare of society by entrepreneurs is of a high order. According to Aman Mehndiratta, a business person apart from making money for him or herself to help the society in many ways, we can say financially as well as socially.

This notion cannot be denied that the respective society benefits financially by the business carried out by entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, many of the welfare activities carried out by those businessmen improve the living conditions and the standards of the people of that particular society.

How does an entrepreneur help society on a social basis?

Contributing to welfare programs

An entrepreneur contributes financially to various welfare programs. These welfare programs include various processes like helping the blinds, orphans, widows, unprivileged etc. In case there is a crisis of the time, they also help them by donating necessary items such as blankets, clothes, medicines, food, books or other commodities as Aman does.

They make donations

An entrepreneur donates a lot of money and useful resources as a help for charity purposes. From his or her earnings, he or she helps the downtrodden and try to improve their living conditions or we can say to raise their living standards. They also make a donation to provide education, food etc. so that they can contribute to the development of the society for a better tomorrow.

Establishing institutions as per charity

An entrepreneur sets up various educational, medical and vocational training institutions as well as hospitals too. These are just to provide the less privileged with benefits. Their only motto behind this is to build the necessary skills under them which they normally cannot afford.  Sometimes there is no fee and sometimes it could be less or waived in the case of meritorious students.

Sponsoring for unprivileged

There are many of the entrepreneurs who work as an angel for some people who are not fortunate enough. Some entrepreneurs sponsor a candidate for higher education or fund a child in an orphanage, just to secure his/her future for a better life ahead. In fact, many orphanages are backed by these kinds of entrepreneurs. Aman Mehndiratta is one of them. He is always there to become a helping hand for the less privileged ones.

Business or more over startups are essential for the progress and development of a nation. A successful businessman or woman can be said as an asset to society. He or she has enough potential to contribute to the well-being of a society in a way that can improve the living standards of the people.

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