Help others to help yourself


‘A little act of kindness will always bring you joy’

Helping others gives the feeling of eternal bliss and joy. The act of kindness and the act of helping anyone who is not capable always brings your soul a feeling of fulfillment. On the note the help you are offering the needy one is totally selfless, no any expectations are added flavor in that. If should be served pure and pious. Aman Mehndiratta is the person who is working in this direction. He is doing a lot and more for the development of our nation. He expects this will in turn help to improve the condition of both existing and upcoming generations. So, being a strong love of the humankind, Aman is contributing both his time and money to various causes.

So here, the question may pop out in your mind, that how helping others can help us??

See, the answer is a tricky one, when you help anyone who is in desperate need of that help, then you attain a feeling a satisfaction and inner joy and that inner joy are all we need to be happy. These days, everyone has become a robot like a thing- always working and heartless having no feelings for the people he or she have no concern for. In, this kind of pathetic world, the inner joy matters a lot for you as well as the people around you.

‘No help is a small help’

Help cannot be judged on the scale of big or small, great or little, help is just a humane gesture which can be done by anyone, given by anyone on the basis of the need. For helping someone, it is not compulsory that you should be wealthy or you must have resources or a lot of spare time. Trust me; we can enjoy the eternal bliss by helping and showing a little act of kindness to ones in need on a daily basis.

Let’s take some examples, suppose you went in an elevator and pressed the button, suddenly you saw someone rushing towards the elevator, what you can do it, just stop and open the door. Surely the person will thank you with a smile. You will feel good, just try it once.

Another, suppose you are traveling in a metro, phew! It’s a crowded hour, and you saw an old man standing beside the rod because there is no seat at all, and the ‘old age person’ seats are full. Be kind, and offer your seat to him, what if you are on sitting on ‘old age persons’ seats but you are capable to help him this way. His blessings will give you joy. That’s how it works.

The selfless helper ‘Aman Mehndiratta’

Aman Mehndiratta is providing various philanthropic services. Taking the act of donation in concern then, donating is not such an important issue will do no good to the society. What Aman believes in, is the genuine contributions. He makes sure that his contributions are not going in futility. He is not trying actually to provide temporary relief, but he is working to uproot the causes of the issues and end it right here.

To make these ideologies and plans executed, Aman provides free food twice every week and free education to all those in need. As he is an entrepreneur and investor too, so direct-gifts, impact investments, donor-advised funds, charitable trusts, and private foundations are some other philanthropic services by him.

Aman is also a leader and with his splendid leadership skills, he always tries to motivate all those around him to do their best for the society. By doing all this, he is also giving back the society what he has taken from it because this is how philanthropy works. All these efforts and actions of Aman Mehndiratta show dedication for the betterment of the society. His values, which are concerned only for the advancement and the betterment of the society, are reflected in his deeds. He can be a great example of; helping others helps you more than them.

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