Serve humanity, help others and love everyone :Aman Mehndiratta


Aman Mehndiratta is serving humanity as a philanthropist since a very long period of time. He adores how people care for each and others. He is always ready to become a helping hand for those who are in need. Some statements like ‘Serving humanity is like serving God’ and ‘do serve others before serving self’ bring out the true importance of social service.

In general, humanity is perceived as charity. It is spread across the places we live, travel or meet people. A man lives entirely for himself. He serves himself and makes himself secure. But he shows humanity only when he serves others. When he tries to make others comfortable or secure and also happy, then only he shows humanity.

According to Aman Mehndiratta, humanity is not about mere building relationships between one another in the society. Humanity is about building an interdependent bond within society  with the help of meaningful values and beliefs.

We can say that in simple words humankind has always been always trying hard to survive to do all sorts of work right from its birth. There is no such division between the poor and the rich doing the hard work for survival only the thing is rich people work to become richer and the poor people work hard to earn their two-time meal.

Aman Mehndiratta as a humankind lover

Aman mehndiratta is working as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He is into philanthropy for a long period of time. Serving the people who are less fortunate or are in need is what he loves the most. He has a vision about society. He wants to make society better than yesterday. He believes that making people able to solve their own problem is better than just funneling money for that problem once and then forgetting it. According to him, doing charity is less productive than doing philanthropy. His love for the humankind is commendable. He always wants to give back to the society whatever he has taken from it.

Serving humanity gives a feeling of joy

We are humans and also the most powerful brains among all the living organisms. We ought to act like that we really worth the privilege we are enjoying. We should be caring and loving for others and also become helping hands in every possible situation.

We should want to help each other. It should be embedded in our nature actually that is our nature. We the people have the power to create happiness, only we have the power to make this life free and beautiful.

Aman Mehndiratta believes humanity as the best religion. Actually, people need to understand that when they die, neither power they are fighting for nor money they are urging for will remain with them. So all in all, humanity should be the biggest religion for each and every one.

We need to decide what we are going to give to our next generation, and that should be an enhanced and harmonious future.

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