Society is in need of more social workers


We live in a country which is in an ongoing process of development.  The Society we dream to live in, the lifestyle we want to adopt, the development we urge for, and these all things need much effort to find their way to our life. Although we are fortunate enough to have Social workers like Aman Mehndiratta, who are completely into doing good for the society so that a better place for the future generation as well as an existing generation can be made easy.

What do you mean by social workers?

A social worker is a helping person who is distinguished from other human services professionally by a focus on both, in essence, the individuals and his/her environment as well. Ideally, social workers have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited education program and in most states, they must be licensed, certified, or registered but most of the time people with the will to do good for others become social worker in order to bring an enhancement in the society for a better lifestyle and living standards.

Aman Mehndiratta as a social worker

Aman is a known philanthropist who loves to do social works for the sake of society’s betterment. He is completely aware of the present situation of our society and also how important is it to do social works for development and for upraising the standards of living in our country. He is contributing his share for the society very efficiently and not only doing his best but also motivating others to become social workers and serve the society which has given them everything. He says society has done enough for us now it is our turn to give back whatever we have taken from it.

The need for social work

Fortunately, Indians are giving in social works more than ever. Even then, it pales in the face of challenges the society’s trying to overcome. The main challenges that society is facing for a long period of time are from poverty and hunger to lack of sanitation and quality education.

Our country is a developing and also it has the fastest-growing population of the ultra-rich and ranks of billionaires.  But the count of people who are living below the poverty line is also increasing in an exponentially. This becomes important and reasonable obviously that social work will help the country to grow somehow by maintaining the equilibrium between both.

Problems are very much abundant but what Aman Mehndiratta believes is the solution is in our hands. By doing social work and helping out the needy ones, we can make a difference.

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